Unleash the power of your private investment data

A data acquisition, analytics and reporting solution for investors and asset servicers

Accelex explained…

Transforming unstructured content into data, information & insight

Powered by proprietary AI and machine learning techniques, Accelex automates processes for the extraction, analysis, and sharing of critical investment performance and transaction data. Accelex has been developed to simplify the demanding workflows of private market participants and deliver tangible benefits:

Private markets data is largely
unstructured and processed manually...

Financial firms are plagued with manual data acquisition, sharing and reporting processes
Existing solutions are localised, integration intensive and legacy systems are prevalent
The private assets sector is ill-equipped to respond to complex core processing, rising costs and increased regulation

...so we have developed advanced capabilities
for the private markets data ecosystem

Product UI

with a comprehensive acquisition and validation workflow

File upload and status
Automated file ingestion and categorization from any environment including email, document management systems, secure data vault platforms
Initial data acquisition and checks
Files are pre-processed to understand their category and type ensuring the optimal extraction algorithms are deployed in each case
Systematic validation and correction
Once extracted, each data point is marked with a system confidence level and a range of optional, user defined accuracy checks. The solution ‘learns’ as it is exposed to more documents, increasing in accuracy through both training as well as the user validation process
Optional manual data input
Each step in the workflow is recorded – including any manual data amendments or additions – to provide a full operational audit trail along with comprehensive security and access control
Export management and integration
A unified, open data repository simplifies how data is acquired, accessed, managed and shared with clients downstream systems – all in a secure cloud environment

using machine vision to enable automated
document understanding


Analysing documents as images allows us to utilise recent advances in machine vision, such as deep convolutional neural networks

Rendering imported documents as images allows the pipeline to accept a wide range of document types

Public datasets can be used to train models to understand diverse document types

Parser used for metric extraction, pattern recognition and NLP

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Data acquisition solution for investors and asset servicers